Brett Brown is resigning from the Boomers! — Courtsideheat

Brett Brown is resigning from the Boomers!

Here is what Brett Brown has to say on resigning with the Boomers:

“This was a difficult decision which did not come easy,” Brown said of his decision.

His history with the Australia Boomers!

He has worked with this team through the 1990s and early 2000s, and again from 2009 to 2012. This was then shut stopped when he signed with the 76ers in the NBA. Now, he was hired again on short-terms last year. The reason behind that was due to the fact their original coach, Andrej Lemanis, quit and Brown had to step in to save the team.

Here is what Boomer’s CEO has to say on the matter:

“Basketball Australia is naturally disappointed that Brett is no longer able to commit to being the Boomers’ head coach for the delayed Tokyo Olympics, but we fully understand Brett’s situation and appreciate his candidness when informing us of the decision,” said Basketball Australia CEO Jerril Rechter.

Brett Brown currently!

Brett Brown currently is a free agent in the head coach market as he was fired by the organization. No teams have been contacting him for positions on their staffs, the last time CourtSideHeat heard. Brett Brown was the head coach of the 76ers for seven seasons.

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